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Steamlight Glimmer by Mopar96 Steamlight Glimmer :iconmopar96:Mopar96 8 2 Moonbeam by Mopar96 Moonbeam :iconmopar96:Mopar96 5 6 That Thing Got A Hemi? by Mopar96 That Thing Got A Hemi? :iconmopar96:Mopar96 8 7 Off with its head by Mopar96 Off with its head :iconmopar96:Mopar96 3 0 No, it's not supposed to look like that by Mopar96 No, it's not supposed to look like that :iconmopar96:Mopar96 0 0 '90s Car With '80s Wheels by Mopar96 '90s Car With '80s Wheels :iconmopar96:Mopar96 3 3 Interdimensional Glimmer by Mopar96 Interdimensional Glimmer :iconmopar96:Mopar96 15 4 Winter Beater by Mopar96 Winter Beater :iconmopar96:Mopar96 8 0 Snow Cat by Mopar96 Snow Cat :iconmopar96:Mopar96 9 8 Starlight by Mopar96 Starlight :iconmopar96:Mopar96 12 4
Another Sun Will Rise--Intro
It was on the fourth floor of the city hospital in Holloway, between the docile traffic of the uptown business district and the rolling hills on the fringes of town that led off through miles of sleepy farm country to the mighty roaring highways of distant Harrisburg, that I first came into this world in April of 1997. And it was in that same place that three other people came to meet this life, one before me, the others coming later. In fact one of them was the first thing I remember, the earliest thing. I can still remember it. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago. Or maybe I just don’t want it to be.
       Vivian was born two days before Christmas 1999. With this in mind Brendan and I were only more frenetically joyous when our dad introduced us to our sister for the first time, as outside snow fell gently on that inceptive day of a newborn winter.
       We got to meet her before they took her and put her in that r
:iconmopar96:Mopar96 0 0
How Discord Stole Hearthswarming by Mopar96 How Discord Stole Hearthswarming :iconmopar96:Mopar96 17 4 Snow Snake by Mopar96 Snow Snake :iconmopar96:Mopar96 9 1 1981 Dodge Ram 150 [Color] by Mopar96 1981 Dodge Ram 150 [Color] :iconmopar96:Mopar96 9 4
Never Far From Home
How lonely sits the city
Known only in darkness
Angels of unfamiliar landscapes
Brave storms
On highways of the night
Realms of truth and light forgotten
In eternal autumn
Children of the final years find refuge on this hill
Looking down on worlds of the past
For on this mountain the hand of the Lord will rest
:iconmopar96:Mopar96 3 0
Princess of Love by Mopar96 Princess of Love :iconmopar96:Mopar96 9 6


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United States
Hello everyone! I'm a car nut, cartoon enthusiast and lover of most things nostalgic from upstate New York. I'm kind of a wannabe writer and am currently working on two stories I hope will one day be novels. I also draw stuff; I mostly do cartoon fan-art (lots of pony stuff) and car drawings. Thanks for stopping by, and keep on truckin'. ;)


Steamlight Glimmer
Did anyone else think Starlight looked like a locomotive in that episode? What kind of confused me was that Trixie didn't seem to notice this cloud coming out of Starlight's head, so I thought it was supposed to be like figurative, for our benefit, but then Starlight says to Spike "you see this storm cloud?", so it must actually be physically there then. I guess that's something else unicorns can do.

Anyway, I've had this in the works for a little while, and finally got it done. Hope it's worth a quick laugh. :D

If you're an MLP fan, come check out The Crystal Empire, an MLP forum:
This is a sketch of my friend :iconlittlelooney: 's OC Moonbeam, who is a stargazing aficionado. I hope I did her justice, pal! ;) (Wink) 

If you're an MLP fan, come check out The Crystal Empire, an MLP forum:
That Thing Got A Hemi?
Strictly speaking I really didn't need a third car, but hey, I guess you never really know what life's gonna bring your way. This is my new truck, a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500, that I bought from someone I work with. He's buying a 2012 three-quarter ton and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. :) This is my first truck; I've always kind of wanted one and I decided to jump on this one since I'm probably never going to get another deal this good. This is in wicked good shape for a thirteen-year-old New York truck, and it's got just under 110k miles on it. It's pretty stripped down, which is just the way I like them; no power windows or locks, and just a rubber mat on the floor, no carpeting. And most importantly, that 5.7 Hemi under the hood. Drool I can't wait to have some fun with this thing. :D
Off with its head
Here's an in-progress pic of the engine in my '91 Sundance while I was replacing the head gasket. This was right after I put the new gasket on and was starting to put it all back together. Click here to see the gasket failure--->…
No, it's not supposed to look like that
So my Sundance blew a head gasket (shocking, I know), and this is the old one after I pulled it off. The post-mortem revealed that the gasket failed between the #1 cylinder and the adjacent coolant passage, as the picture shows. Nothing like pulling the dipstick to find a nice antifreeze-oil sludge cocktail. :o (Eek) It's back up and running now, though. :) (Smile) 

In-progress pic can be seen here--->…


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